Sunday, May 26, 2019


Marketing Tools

Click Here for a list of Marketing Tools that you can customize and edit for your personal use.  (You must have Microsoft Publisher to edit them)
Frequent Ask Questions:
cloudllc "Does my Broker's name and Office Phone Number have to be on every piece of marketing that I use?"
YES.  Every advertising event, communication (digital or hard copy) MUST have the Broker's Name (The Morris Companies, LLC) and our office phone number (615-777-2800) on it.  This includes everything from signs, to business cards, to fliers, to postcards, to any website that you are on or have for your real estate use in any manner.
cloudllc "When do I have to acknowledge that I am a Licensee?"
Anytime and anywhere you communicate about or offer services regarding real estate you must (preferably first) acknowledge and communicate to the client, audience (in person or digital) that you are a licensed real estate agent.
cloudllc "Where do I have to mention of acknowledge that I'm a real estate agent?"
EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, ANYWHERE!  So make sure that every email, communication (printed or digital) acknowledges this.  The sooner the better, preferably at the very beginning.  Example:  If you use FaceBook or LinkedIn (or any other social or web communication, website or communication medium) to communicate for real estate purposes, you must acknowledge that you are a Licensee in the State of Tennessee.