Sunday, May 26, 2019

Agent FAQs

FAQS – The Morris Companies, LLC “Cloud Division”, Nashville’s first Virtual Real Estate Office Operation Q. Just how does this new “Cloud Virtual RE Office” concept work? A. The RE business is changing rapidly and getting more “virtually internet based” daily. We will becommunicating, training and “meeting” via the internet. These meetings, such as Sales Meetings, will beheld live (and at our office for those who want to attend in person), but they will also offer the abilitityfor our agents to attend “virtually” through online live meeting technology. Q. How does this benefit me, as an agent? A. This new “Cloud Based” concept will allow you to spend more time in the field with your clients. Wefeel it will offer you more options to operate autonomously and practice real estate “your way” withfewer restrictions. Q. Will this cost me anything? A. No. We will continue to offer all the benefits of our normal operation, including No MonthlyFees, No Charge for Signs, No Desk Fees and we will continue our progressive and highly attractiveCommission Split Program allowing progression up to 95/5 Split and with us paying your REALTOR Feesfor the following year. Q. How will I submit my Documents, Listing and Closing Information? A. We will use a variety of “cloud based” mediums for processing all paperwork. We will virtuallypaperless and extremely more environmentally friendly. Although there still will be some need in somecircumstances for “hard copy” documents, we will use email transmission, Dropbox, Google Docs and agrowing number of virtual technologies to run the easiest and most “agent/user friendly” operation inthe real estate business. Q. What if I want to come to the office? A. Welcome! Come on in anytime 24/7/365. We realize that this concept is not for everyone, but wealso recognize that there is a new breed of real estate agent evolving that prefers to work in a newvirtual manner. Q. How will I access this “Cloud Based Operation”? A. Along with us offering you a completely free personal website, we have created a “VirtualDashboard” for you to connect to our systems at anytime, 24/7. You can create personalized marketingmaterials by customizing and personalizing our “stock” email and print flyers, mailers, door hangers, etc.You can generate email blasts from the dashboard. You can chat with others and brokers through thedashboard.