Sunday, May 26, 2019



The Power of Change!

Change = Action Action = Reaction Reaction = Results.

Our unique and highly labor intensive marketing process requires that we change something, every other day, to better market your property.

Here’s how we accomplish this:

  • First we develop 8-10 well written, highly effective marketing pieces, digital and print
  • Then, we utilize them to re-post your property every other day on many highly-effective websites, including Craig’s List.
  • Twice a month we execute a dedicated email blast to over 6,000 Middle Tennessee Realtors, specific to your property.
  • We enter your property highlights, selling features and information on key websites and then “push” your property listing to over 350 websites where they can be accessed 24 hours a day.
  • We create a Dedicated Property Website, unique to your property, and conduct SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activity to regularly generate interest for your property.
  • Our cutting edge, state-of-the-art “Text Information From The Curb System” allows interested buyers to receive instantaneous text replies on their phones with information about your property AND a link to its dedicated website.  Within minutes we receive an email with the potential buyer’s cell phone number for personal follow up to answer questions and help sell your property!

Of course, we do the “standard” things too, like offer your property in MLS and provide flyers in brochure boxes at the curb. But today’s challenging market requires More. Our proven “saturation” marketing techniques and processes help give you MoreMore action, More market saturation, More activity. More marketing edge that produces More results!

Change, that’s the secret.  Diligent… Daily… Change!
You get
More with Morris!

Call Principal Broker and Co-Owner Phil Dildine at 615-476-6738 to find out more about how you can put the Power of Change to work for you and achieve the results you need to be effective in today’s tough market. 

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