Sunday, May 26, 2019


The Morris Companies, LLC is a Full Service “one-stop shop” for all of your income producing real estate needs. For over five decades, The Morris family of companies has been representing and advising buyers and sellers on acquisitions and dispositions of multi-family developments, strip centers and multi-story office buildings. Our experienced brokers keep attuned to ever-changing market and submarket conditions through access to state of the art technology and financial analysis tools, including a myriad of invaluable CCIM commercial real estate analytical tools.  commercial-property-in-nice-franceFor over the 40 years, we have focused on investment real estate and maintained lasting relationships with a host of lenders, insurance companies, and private investors.  We participate extensively in industry networking activities, events and forums for communicating your ‘haves” and “wants” to help you find the best deals on commercial real estate investment opportunities, before they “hit the radar”.  In addition to our extensive database of buyers, sellers, and income producing properties, our relationships with our management and brokerage clients create a powerful synergy for finding and generating opportunities to match potential buyers with investment properties. We employ creative marketing strategies and the latest technology and tools to target qualified buyers of income producing properties. Through this web site and access to other targeted industry web sites, we gain exposure for client listings, focusing on the ultimate goal of achieving the greatest return on our clients' investments and help you maximize your profitability at disposition of income producing assets.

If you are an investor looking for excellent investment real estate opportunities, we will work with you to determine the optimum arena for your investment needs whether that be multifamily value added properties, Class A multifamily income producing properties, retail investment properties, single tenant retail investment properties, or office buildings offering cash flow to meet your investment goals.

If you are an income producing commercial real estate property owner approaching a disposition timeframe for any type of investment real estate, we can build a customized, aggressive targeted marketing program to blitz the potential buyer market and gain the appropriate market exposure for your commercial real estate asset.  This may be local or global in scope and we have the tools to promote your income producing property to any and all geographical markets.  Typically, we approach marketing our clients commercial investment real estate by following a proven plan of attack which includes top shelf graphic production of print marketing materials, networking your commercial real estate asset through digital and web based mediums including dedicated email blasts pushing professional HTML flyers to thousands of real estate brokers and investors in our in-house data bases, regular posting on over 50 specialized real estate opportunity networking websites, developing commercial property specific demographic and analytical reports, and even providing you with our in-house resources to create your investment real estate property a custom website (click here to see an example ).  Click here to see or download a PDF file outlining our typical steps for putting together your custom commercial real estate marketing plan (insert a link to the PDF here).

We would look forward to working with you and providing the Exceptional Personal Service that The Morris Companies has been providing its income producing real estate clients for over 40 years now.  Feel free to give our Principal Broker and Co-Owner Phil Dildine, CCIM  a call on his personal cell phone at 615-476-6738.