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Phil "Delta" Dildine - Pro Golfer and Friends

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Well, I was hangin' with all my other golf pro buddies at "The Vinny" (Vince Gill's Celeb/Pro Charity Golf Tournament) and this guy comes up and says, "Excuse me Mr. Dildine. I'm sorry to bother you, but I would really appreciate having a picture taken with you. Would that be OK?" I said, "Well OK, I''m sorta' busy here Deacon, but I'll take a minute for you." If you all don't know this guy, then you're just not "tuned in" to "Nashville".
For those of you who are maybe not "tuned in" to the ABC Series "Nashville" (which just got picked up for its 2nd season next year).  This guy's name is actor Charles "Chip" Esten and he plays "Deacon", one of the primary roles and characters in TV Series "Nashville" (which is, by the way, the first major network TV series to be named by only the name of a city since "Dallas").  For the women who do watch the series and know who he is... take a breath, stop dreaming you were me in the photo, stop drooling and check out the rest of the collection of photos, especially if you are a golf fan.  You may also notice Brandt Snedeker, Craig Stadler, "The Walrus", Dan Tyminski (plays with Allison Krause and sang "Man of Constant Sorrow" from movie "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou", Comedians Gary Mule Deer and Henry Cho, Nashville's Channel 2 WKRN News Celeb (our Celeb for the first round Sunday) Bob Mueller, and many others including Mike Fisher.  Mike was in our group the 2nd Round as our Celeb.  Mike Fisher, of course is a star player of the Nashville Predators Pro Hockey Team, and is also married to Carrie Underwood.  I've been told by Jackie and some lady friends that both Mike and Deacon are "easy on the eyes".
Here's the whole collection of photos of Jackie and me experiencing "The Vinny" (OK, it was really hot and humid and "Wisconsin Girl Jackie" only went the first day, Sunday... plus she had to work on 2nd day, Monday, so we'll give here a pass that doesn't relate to the heat and humidity).  The "" clothed couple are Joshua Ray, my personally sponsored "Wounded Warrior", and his fiancee, Alexis.  Her parents were down to volunteer working and come each year to work "The Vinny".  They fell in love with Nashville (which everyone who comes here does), and they are both moving to Nashville from Madison, WI too.  Josh and Alexis have been living in Nashville since January.
My company is already aligned with "The Wounded Warrior Project", but Joshua's story as a "Wounded Warrior" and his sacrifices for our country, motivated me to write an epic-length song/poem.  Wrote it on Memorial Day in about an hour.  May pare it down to a song soon, but it, in full length, is here...   If you would like to read it.  It will download as a Word Document to your computer and you can read, print it, or save it and read it later.


Much Obliged, Phil
Make it an exceptional day... It is yours to think, see, believe and make happen!
Phil Dildine, CCIM (What is CCIM?) 
Head Coach & Team Owner - CLOUD REALTY, LLC(formerly The Morris Companies, LLC)
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