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I Accept No Failures In Life... They Are Only "Temporary Setbacks". - Phil
I am thinking this morning about a lot of things that I learned from my friend, business partner and mentor Harold Morris.  You see Harold is receiving yet another well deserved award in his life, the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from The Greater Nashville Apartment Association.  I am proud to have the honor of being able to present him with this award this Saturday evening at The 2013 GNAA Installation and Awards Banquet... quite an achievement and an elite honor bestowed on few!
As I was thinking this morning about many of the qualities and things that I have learned over my 18+ years of knowing and working with Harold, and just what I'm going to say, several key "survival aspects" that he has shared and exemplified over the years came to mind.
1.  Regardless of the situation, he always found a way to look at the positives, not the negatives, and focus on them.
2.  Although he faced many challenges and "temporary setbacks" in his life, business-wise and health-wise, he always kept his focus on his goals and no matter the seeming failure or impending doom, he faced it head on and if he got knocked down... he "licked his wounds" and bounced right back.  And he almost always succeeded.
3.  He learned from each "temporary setback" and shared these experiences and wisdom with others so they (and I) did not "fall into the same holes".
4.  He was always honest and trustworthy.  He always faced the truth no matter how tough.  He trusted himself and he held true to his core Christian beliefs and always trusted in God to lead him in the right direction.
I could go on, but I will end with one final observation.  Throughout the time that I have known him, my experiences with him speak to one word and concept that he never faltered from and placed at the top of his list of goals and aspirations and, I feel, is a word that defines him and that should define us all...
You see, if you hold Integrity as your "touchstone", if you focus on it everyday, if you can make yourself step back from the emotions and madness and uncertainty of any problem and ask yourself, "What is the right thing to do, even if no one is looking" you my friend will make the right choice, every time, and you will never regret the decision, no matter how difficult.
So I decided to dedicate "Today's Wisdom" to one of the greatest "Influencers" in my life.  Harold, thank you for all that you have taught and shared with me and congratulations on yet another accomplishment in your "far from over" great life.
Now here's what my friends at The Pacific Institute have to say about this subject.  And, as promised, here is my musical offerings from another hero of mine to support this concept:

THE MIND OF A SURVIVOR:  When times get tough, some people fold and some are made even stronger. Did you ever wonder why some people seem to be able to handle life better than others? Everyone likes to think that they have what it takes to survive adversity and tough times, but when the chips are down, some folks definitely do better than others.


The real survivors in life (not the participants in the recent glut of "reality" survivor TV shows that only seem to bring out the worst in human behavior) have developed personalities that allow them more options. They also have a strong and clear intention to survive, and to do it in good shape. When problems or setbacks occur, they don't waste time complaining and they don't dwell on the past or what they've lost. Instead, their energies are focused on getting things to turn out well.


Survivors believe that, no matter what happens to them, they are the ones who are in charge of their destinies. They don't get mad at the world for not treating them better, but they do have an extensive menu of behaviors they can choose from, depending on the situation. In other words, survivors are option thinkers, instead of black and white, either/or thinkers.


They also have a wonderful ability to laugh at adversity because they know that even if they lose everything else, they will still have themselves. People with survivor personalities can walk confidently into the unknown because they expect to find a way to make things work out.


So, if you want to be a true survivor, try focusing your attention less on safety and security and more on developing positive beliefs and expectations.

Much Obliged, Phil
Make it an exceptional day... It is yours to think, see, believe and make happen!
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What is a 1031 Exchange?

What is a 1031 Exchange?  


Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 permits the deferral of capital gains on the sale of property held for investment or productive use in a trade or a business

1031In a Forward Delayed Exchange, the most common type of Exchange, property is sold (Relinquished Property), and the proceeds are used to purchase another property (replacement Property) within certain timeframes. To qualify for safe harbor tax deferral, the sale proceeds must be held by a Qualified Intermediary between the sale of the Relinquished Property and the purchase of the Replacement Property.

A 1031 Exchange permits deferral of federal capital gains taxes (15%), depreciation recapture taxes (25%), and state taxes (generally 8% to 9% where applicable).

In the midst of an exchange, can Exchange funds be returned to the taxpayer? Yes, however, strict limitations exist. Pursuant to I.R.S Reg. 1.1.03(k)-1(g)(6), every 1031 exchange Agreement must include language limiting a taxpayer’s right to access exchange funds before a Replacement Property is not identified, Exchange funds can be returned on the 46th day. If Replacement Property is identified, the Exchange period ends when the last of the identified Replacement properties is purchased or on the 181st day, whichever happens first. Funds can be returned to the taxpayer thereafter.

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