Wednesday, June 12, 2024

"The Investor's Realtor"

Cloud Realty, the most qualified and experienced Middle Tennessee Virtual Office, Investment Real Estate Focused Companies, has been focusing on helping Investors Find, Evaluate, Analysis, Buy and Sell Single Family Homes and Small Commercial Properties for over 40 years now (formerly known as The Morris Companies).

Here are a few things you should know "The Cloud":

  • The Cloud has facilitated the sale of over 3,000 SFR Homes as Investments across TN, individually one at a time to individual Small Investors since over the past 10 years.
  • We are and have been focused on SFR Homes as Investments since 1969.
  • We are Tennessee's #1 Leader is working with Small Investors Buying and Selling SFR Homes as Investments
  • The Cloud is the Most Experienced, Absolute Best Qualified company to help Source Opportunities and Analysis and Advise "Small Investors" who want to become "Big Investors".
  • The Cloud understands the special types of deals that it takes to make these sometimes "atypical" purchases work in all Investment Strategies (Rehabbing and Flip, and Buy and Hold, Buy Hold and Flip, etc) in the "real world" on Middle TN Investment Real Estate.
  • We enjoy helping and advising our Agent Partners in The Cloud in Creative Deals and Financing that make SFR Home Investment Transactions work.
  • The Cloud is owned and operated by Nashville 20 Year Investment RE Veteran, Phil Dildine, CCIM, who has personally transacted the sale and purchase of over 600 SFR Investment Homes and Small Commercial Income Producing Real Estate Properties.
  • The Cloud is Tennessee's #1 Small Investor Oriented Company and focuses primarily on this niche of Investment RE, while allowing our Agent Partners to also continue to practice "Traditional Owner Occupant" real estate listing and selling, as well as helping those Agent Partners that have an interest, and the skill set, to move into Commercial Real Estate to do so under the help and guidance of it's CCIM Certified "Head Coach and Team Owner", Phil Dildine.
  • Phil is the former 2011 President of The Middle TN CCIM Chapter (on Board of Directors for 5 years), and former 2011-2012 Commercial Committee Chairman for The Greater Nashville Area Board of Realtors, and current "Honorary Board Member" of the Nashville Chapter of IREM (the Institute of Real Estate Management).

Simply put... If you want to work with the very best and most experienced company in Tennessee in the "World of Middle TN Residential Investing"... You need to know "The Cloud". We've been helping Small Investors become Big Investors and helping, one investor at a time, increase their net worth and work towards financial freedom through investing in Middle Tennessee.

Call Phil Dildine at 615-476-6738, or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.