Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Module Variations

Here you can find basic module suffixes used in this template. If you would like to combine different classes of modules, please remember to use space between words - example "testimonials dark."

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Module Position

This page is designed to show, as is practically possible, all the 60 module positions within the template: Top, Header, Navigation, Showcase, Feature, Utility, MainTop, Content Top, Content Bottom, MainBottom, SideBar, Bottom, Footer and Copyright. Other positions such as Drawer and Debug are not shown.

The Top, Header, Showcase, Feature, Utility, MainTop, MainBottom, Bottom and Footer positions all come in denominations of 6 (A-F), with Content Top, Content Bottom and SideBar coming in denominations of 3 (A-C). Other positions such as Google Map, Slider, Drawer, Navigation, Debug and Copyright are singular instances.